Safe machinery provides a safe workplace for users and legal protection for both manufacturer and user. Machinery Safety starts from the design stage when  machine manufacturer identifies and evaluates all possible hazards and hazardous points by undertaking a risk assessment and applying design principles according to the applicable standards. The process of risk reduction is then applied based on that risk assessment. Risk reduction can be achieved through inherently safe design, installing protective devices, proper training to the user, other good design measures, applying protective measures and hazard notification methods.

SafeQ Services believes in proactively identifying and preventing potential problems. Our engineers have the knowledge and experience working with OSHA, ANSI, ISO, IEC standards and European Machinery Directive.  We help machine manufacturers, suppliers and users to evaluate machine conformity, carry out machinery risk assessment as per ISO standards, calculate performance level required for control and functional safety loops, calculate safe distances, and recommend risk reduction measures.  We also provide training to machine manufacturers, suppliers and users on Machinery Safety.

Machinery Safety Services

  • Conformity Assessment
  • Guards & Interlocks Assessment
  • Machinery Risk Assessment
  • PLr / SIL Assessment for Functional Safety
  • Safety Distance Calculation
Machinery Safety White Paper Cover image

White Paper on Machinery Safety

7 Steps that Enable Plant Managers and End Users to Verify Conformity and Reduce Risk

Read here or Download PDF (1,353 KB)

Machinery Safety Training Course

  • Courses and Workshops for Designers, Controls, Operators, Maintenance & Safety personnel