Spotlight: Reliability Centered Maintenance

The objective of a Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) program is to elaborate a list of critical equipment, identify the most appropriate maintenance strategy to be followed; and to define adequate period and type of preventive maintenance tasks to be carried out. For RCM implementation, seven questions must be applied and answered:
1. What are the functions and associated performance standards of the assets in its present operation context? (Function)
2. In what ways can it fail to fulfill its functions? ( Function Failures)
3. What is the cause of each functional failure? ( Cause)
4. What happens when each failure occurs? ( Effects)
5. In what way do each failure matters? ( Consequence)
6. What can be done to prevent the failure? ( Decision )
7. What should be done if a suitable preventive task can not be found? ( Tasks )

We partner with you to develop as well as implement RCM Program to help better decision-making regarding maintenance and spares plan. This can also reduce operational costs with time. RCM Program also demonstrates that a reliability based approach has been followed not only in terms of risk to personnel safety and environment but to asset integrity and business interruptions as well.

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