Spotlight: Production Assurance – Upstream Gas Delivery

Knowledge of system and equipment Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability are an important aspect of ensuring continued ability to meet product (LNG shipping) demand and delivery requirement. We perform Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) analysis of your process design and measure its performance over the design life. We identify major systems, equipment, and activities that contribute to production losses, as well as evaluate alternative design configurations, spare philosophies, maintenance or operational strategies to assess the impact to the overall facility’s performance.
Our engineers carry out modelling of upstream systems from well to LNG plant inlet, LNG plant and carriers to provide an integrated solution. Following initial modelling, a number of sensitivities may need to be conducted on the input data to further understand the reliability, availability and maintainability drivers. We use Monte Carlo tool that includes complex logic solvers to mimic your operating conditions.

Production assurance activities should be carried out in all phases of the life-cycle of facilities to provide input to decisions regarding feasibility, concept, design, manufacturing, construction, installation, operation, maintenance and modification.
We enable you to quantify performance of the upstream system and its ability to meet the gas delivery requirements of your LNG plant, and performance of LNG plant, storage and buffer to optimize the shipping demands.
Let us start a discussion on how to build a data-driven production assurance program while also considering reliability of your technology, safety, environment, quality and human factors.

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