Spotlight: Machinery Conformity Assessment

Safe machinery provides a safe workplace for users and legal protection for both manufacturer and user. The safety of machinery starts from the design stage, when machine manufacturer identifies and evaluates all possible hazards and hazardous points by undertaking a risk assessment and applying design principles according to the applicable standards. We provide risk assessment services to evaluate risk reduction options through inherently safe design, installing protective devices, proper training to the user, other good design measures, applying protective measures and hazard notification methods.

The Plant Manager/machine user has to comply with both the prescriptive control measures as required in the applicable standards and identify the residual risks to control and mitigate those risks. In order to achieve this goal of risk reduction and conform that the requirements as specified in the applicable standards are met, we recommended that the Plant Manager/End User follow the seven steps as described in the white paper as a path to Conformity Verification and Risk Reduction – Read here or Download PDF