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To provide services and solutions to improve
and effectively manage safety and reliability
of process and equipment.

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To build a strong brand
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Process Safety, Asset Integrity, Risk and Reliability Services & Solutions

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“We work on the forefront of innovation and technology to improve safety and reliability of your assets.”

Safety and Reliability of Process and Equipment have gained a lot of industrial and business awareness in recent times. This is because of its increasing notability in industrial operations, business survival,  improvement of quality of processes and products, and most importantly  safety of people.

We at SafeQ Services understand this connection and consistently work towards bridging the gap, if there is any.

We are a team of zealous engineers driven by the expertise and urge to provide optimal services and solutions to your safety and reliability needs, thus placing you in a comfortable position when it comes to making decisions on such critical issues.

Our specialized consulting services encompass a myriad of industries, locations, tools and techniques. From Plant and Process Safety services to Training personnel; from Design Reviews to Workshop Sessions on Process Hazard Analyses; from Upstream, Offshore, Onshore, Downstream to Transportation, Power and Utilities; our services adhere to National Regulations, International Standards and Best Practices. We provide services to help you in rationalizing your decision-making process in the field of safety and reliability.

We help improve safety and reliability of your assets without compromise

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